June 11, 2011

“The days of the entire record are long gone.”

I love Tommy Lee. Dude is 48 and is just the same guy as he was 30 years ago bashing the skins on Motley Crue's “Too Fast For Love.”

He just did an interview with Steve Baltin of Noisecreep and he had this to say about the demise of the LP:

“To tell you the truth, I think the days of making a record, for me personally, are over. I'll never make another full record I think. It's a waste of time cause people can only ingest a song at a time, so why not make bitching songs at a time and release them. If you want to call them singles, great, whatever; or at its maximum, an EP, four songs, done, boom. I just really feel like the days of the entire record are long gone. I don't listen to anybody's full record anymore and when I did, I don't think I listened to the whole record. I'm sorry, and I don't care who it is, if it's the Beatles, I can't listen to an hour and a half of anybody straight. Maybe it's my child-like short attention span, but I'm not a fan of that long, drawn-out fucking album anymore. I don't think most people are; if you look at sales most people are buying songs at a time and they're just not really buying records. That's just a sign of the times. There's so much more out there to play with that grabbing anybody's attention and keeping it there for an hour and a half, good luck.”


I totally agree. I do listen to full CDs in the car – because the 6-disc in-dash gives me the chance to re-engage with my dusty CD collection – but when I listen for me – just me – it’s my mp3 player with my playlists made up of individual tracks. My party mixes for friends and fam – playlists of individual tracks. It’s it for me. Tommy is right. What say you?

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