June 11, 2011

Dropping beats in death metal

I'm a big Obituary fan. Probably my first foray into death metal back with Cause of Death (1990). I celebrate their entire catalog.

Did you ever notice that 1994's "World Demise" has enhanced, studio, hip-hop style bass dropped in? I find it interesting/cool. And what's also interesting is that the liner notes don't give any indication that such elements exist on the album. They want you to think it's your run-of-the-mill Scott Burns produced Morrisound Recording. There are many samples, including at the beginning of one of the songs an actual rap sample. But it's not credited. Only the "Sample from...A Celebration of African/American Music" - credited on the back of the CD for track 12 "Kill For Me."

Exhibit A:

Any way, it's a killer album. Check out the album and listen for the enhanced bass - which obviously ain't coming out of Frank Watkin's low end. The track with the most extra bass boost is "Splattered". Listen for yourself - particularly check out the 3:10 mark.

Support bands. Buy their music.

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