June 8, 2011

Mission of this blob (sic).

I’ll just post stuff that I like. My opinions. Random musings. Things that probably aren’t important. There will be no politics here because I don’t have any. There will be no religious shite because I don’t really put any stock in it.

This will simply be my asinine, nonsensical, grab-asstic tomfoolery.

And although it will primarily have a metal-tinged slant to it, I’d like what is represented here to be like the fan’s expectations of Faith No More or maybe Van Halen. 

With those bands they could go from something mellow and beautiful to something brutally hard that will rip your face off. All in the same album. All perfectly accepted, embraced and celebrated by their fans. That to me is freedom for a band. Metallica or Slayer don’t have that kind of latitude. Nope. It’s gotta be 1986 speed or it’s no good.

But not here. We’ll mix it up. I like what I like. And I’ll share it.

So let’s not just be a metal guy. Listen to other genres. It makes you more well rounded. It gives you something to talk about at work or parties – because not everyone gives a shit that you know Motley Mick Mars’ real name is Bob Deal – or that Ron McGovney played bass in Metallica before Cliff Burton.

Three old-school singers that have flawless, golden voices:
Dean Martin, Nat Cole, Johnny Mathis

Who’s the Boss will be back in a moment. Stick around…

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