June 8, 2011

MIXTAPE: Bitchin’ Mixtape Vol.1

I will randomly create these mixtapes from time to time. Like this one, they will be a mixture of heavy and non-heavy, old and new.

Track listing:

Anthrax - Be All, End All
Aziz Ansari - Cold Stone Creamery
Benny Barnes - Diesel Smoke
Big River Ransom - Maritime Hotel
Bitter End - House Of Denial
Black Dahlia Murder – Necropolis
Cave In - Moral Eclipse
Charles Bradley & The Menahan Street Band - The World (Is Going Up In Flames)
Deftones - Diamond Eyes
Deke Dickerson - Deep River
Dicks - Off-Duty Sailor
Dredg - The Tent
Elvis Presley - One Night
Expire - First Fall
Fatboy - Bad News From Pretty Red Lips
Foo Fighters - Enough Space
Full Of Hell – Routine
Gluecifer - I Got A War
Gluttons - Shell Shock
Guadalupe Plata – Cementerio
Johnny Burnette - Honey Hush
Kissing Cousins - Pale White
Mötley Crüe - Come On And Dance
Neil Diamond - Solitary Man
Obituary - See Me Now
Public Enemy - How You Sell Soul To A Soulless People Who Sold Their Soul
S.O.D. – Go
Scorpions - The Sails Of Charon
Shipwreck A.D. – Squall
Skarhead – Skarhead
Skarp - Feed The Addiction
Slayer - Behind The Crooked Cross
Slayer - Temptation [Kielbasage Riff Edit]
Slut Sister - Teenage Pussy
Spazz - Backpack Bonfire
The Jesus Lizard - Wheelchair Epidemic
Unrestrained - 80k
Victims - In Control

Liner Notes:

  • Benny Barnes – Diesel Smoke: now THIS is my kind of country. Awesome. Catchy as hell. Great vocal style.
  • Bitter End – House Of Denial: the classic hardcore voice for me. Tight musically.
  • Charles Bradley: I can’t emphasis how much I love this song. 
  • Deke Dickerson – Deep River: the stand up bass player for a rockabilly band was rapping with me about other cool rockabilly bands. Deke was one that he mentioned. I looked up Deke’s entire catalog (like 15 albums). It was solid but did not blow me away. But this song did. Nothing else he did touches this song. Awesome. 
  • The Dicks – Off-Duty Sailor: I love the rawness of this song. Great raspy, unique voice.
  • Elvis: I like to push Elvis on people that maybe haven’t given it a shot. Even if you have, this song gives me the chills. So awesome. 
  • Guadalupe Plata – Cementerio: a very, very interesting band. Spanish speaking for the most part.
  • Kissing Cousins – Pale White: In general I’m not really into female singers – but when I do like them they sound like this. An angel. 
  • Motley: I relistened to their debut album (now 30 years old) and several songs stuck out to me. This was one. I think you actually CAN dance to this song. All slutty and 80s style of course. Head down, feathered hair swinging side to side. 
  • Neil Diamond – Solitary Man: When Neil was just inducted into the R&R hall (at age 70) I decided to check out his first few albums from the mid 1960s. This song is SO incredibly awesome. His voice is gold and the horns are so fucking smooth. 
  • Scorpions – The Sails Of Charon: this song was on a mixtape I downloaded by some dude in a band. It was all songs he’d want to hear if he was stranded on an island and he only had one tape. I thought, great “the scorps”. Please. But this song is so catchy. I don’t want any other Scorpions. This will do just fine. 
  • Skarp – Feed The Addiction: some grindcore for your ass.
  • Slayer – Behind the Crooked Cross: Off South of Heaven (1988). That album is really solid. This is when they started to get their shit together production wise. In my opinion South of Heaven and the following album – 1990’s Season’s in the Abyss is the apex for that band. So tight. 
  • Victims – In Control: off their new album. The only song that grabbed me – but boy did it clench its grubby little hands around my throat.

If you like the bands – support them and buy their music.

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  1. Some of these songs look very familiar. ;)

    Nice work man, keep it up.