June 27, 2011

MIXTAPE: Black Sabbath cuts deeper

Black Sabbath are the forefathers of heavy metal. Singular. End of discussion. I like some Led Zep but they are merely a pioneer of heavy blues-based rock. Not heavy metal.

Once again, I recommend you listen outside what the record labels tell you are the greatest hits. Listen to a band’s entire discography and make your own determinations – as I did recently for Black Sabbath. What I rediscovered is some really nice gems beyond what “We Sold Our Souls For Rock & Roll” tried to sell me.

My mixtape is only Ozzy-era Sabbath because that is where it starts and ends for me. No disrespect to RJD (and all the gushing tributes, etc. since his death), but Dio’s voice has never done a thing for me. This mix comes from the 8 studio albums they did with Ozzy – released over an 8-year period. Prolifically amazing.

As an aside, I highly recommend the new Ozzy biography “I Am Ozzy”. It is the best rock book I have ever read. Even if you don’t like Ozzy, it is interesting as hell. The first third of the book is on the formation of Sabbath, and that alone makes the book a must-read. And if you remotely like Sabbath and/or Ozzy, you will love it. If you don’t like Sabbath or don’t at least have a curiosity about Sabbath I highly recommend you promptly close your browser and get the fuck off this site.

Watch this and see why Ozzy is the only true frontman of Sabbath – and an icon to this day – over 40 years after this 1970 performance.

The stage freakout by Ozzy at the 7:27 mark is absolutely amazing. Just spazzs out for 56 seconds straight. 

So from Birmingham in the UK (birthplace of my favorite band Napalm Death), here is some Sabbath off the beaten path (and a few well-known classics I really like). Enjoy.

Track Listing:

Am I Going Insane (Radio)
Back Street Kids
Behind The Wall Of Sleep
Black Sabbath
Children Of The Grave
Evil Woman
Hand Of Doom
Hole In The Sky
Junior’s Eyes
Lord Of This World
Megalomania [Edit]
Never Say Die
Over To You
She’s Gone
Spiral Architect [Edit]
Sweet Leaf [Edit]
Symptom Of The Universe
The Wizard
The Writ [Edit]
Tomorrow’s Dream
You Won’t Change Me

Liner Notes:

Edits are my edits – used to improve the song, keep listener interest high and/or shorten in an attempt to get more songs played at a party. Don’t like it? Buy the original.


  1. great clip and comp. good to see tracks from the later albums - they are different in tone and sometimes uneven, but have some v. cool music on them. thanks.

  2. Into the Void is a great choice. Really can't go wrong with any Ozzy Sabbath.