June 22, 2011

MIXTAPE: Snapcase – hardcore best of

From the Queen City of Buffalo, NY Snapcase is one of my top 5 favorite bands of all time. After high school when I grew out of Metallica, Snapcase fit the bill for me. They were local to me but they seemed so much bigger. They were on Victory Records when that meant something. In fact their self-titled 7" was VR#9 and their first big full length was Victory #13 (the label’s catalog counts up in order). They were always much bigger in Europe than in the USA. Crazy to me. But awesome, because I'd see them in small, local venues. 

I saw Snapcase at the Showplace Theatre in Buffalo with my girlfriend the night before I proposed to her. Just me and her. Wasn't really part of the plan. Just worked out that way. "Well I paid for the ticket!" - yells Tommy in Trainspotting. The fact that she went to yet another show wasn't why I proposed but it was on the checklist to making her a keeper. As a dude that likes death metal and other extreme shit, I've always maintained that I don't need a girl that likes extreme music. She just needs to respect that I LIKE extreme music. She's always done that. Still married. So there. 

As Snapcase the band had two singers in its history – Chris Galas and then Daryl Taberski. To me Galas had the classic 80s hardcore voice that wasn’t much my style. Taberski played bass in Snapcase when Galas was the throat, but then took over the vocal duties. Taberski was the unique element of Snapcase that separated them from all the other newer age hardcore bands of the early 90s. His voice, the snappy sound of the drums (particularly Tim Redmond) and driving guitars led by Jon Salemi MADE the Snapcase sound.

After being exposed to Snapcase in 1993, I was all in. I have seen them live the most I have seen any other band (6X). They formally broke up in 2004. I was at their final show in January 2005. Past members of the band played at the show, and they all sounded great. At the beginning of their set they played a killer retrospective recap video by PumiceT...

Since the breakup they have played a handful of shows in 2007, 2010 and most recently with Sick Of It All at the SOIA 25th Anniversary Show.

What I always liked about Snapcase was that although the band members were straight edge the band didn’t throw it your face (like Earth Crisis). The messages were just positive, but not churchy or gay.

If you don’t know Snapcase, get to know them. Here is a career spanning best of Snapcase Mixtape. Enjoy.

Track Listing:

Ambition Now
Believe, Revolt
Blacktop (Helmet Cover)
Bleeding Orange
Crown of Thorns
Depth Of Field
Die Laughing
Drain Me
Energy Dome
Harrison Bergeron
I (Bad Brains Cover)
Killing Yourself To Live
Less Than Convenient (ATR)
Litmus Test
Looking Glass Self
Mountain Song (Jane’s Addiction Cover)
New Kata
Run And Fall (Instrumental)
She (Misfits Cover)
She Suffocates [Edit Ending]
Truth Hits Everybody (The Police Cover)
Typecast Modulator (Big Beat Mix)
Zombie Prescription

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