June 12, 2011

R.I.P. Seth Putnam, you asshole.

Anal Cunt (A.C. or AxCx) frontman Seth Putnam has allegedly passed away at age 43 of a heart attack. I’m not shocked. I’d also not be shocked if this was a publicity hoax or another Chuck Biscuits situation. But either way, here’s my piece on Seth. I’ll write this once. If he dies again later, fuck it he’s only getting this one.

A friend of mine used to throw AxCx songs into party mixes. Fucking perfect. 40 seconds or less of disorganized grindcore splattered with hilariously offensive lyrics and song titles. “Van Full Of Retards” sticks out to me as perhaps my first full-frontal exposure to Seth and AxCx.

For the past five years I too have carried on the tradition of inserting the shit covered songs of AxCx into my personal, just-for-me playlists and other party mixes. The best is the reaction you get at a party with mixed company. The kind of crowd that thinks Metallica is the devil’s music. A blast of AxCx is like snorting horseradish.
Song titles by the band were highly insensitive to some. I’d call them thought provoking. Which I think was the point. So with Seth’s death, here are a few new ones I’ve penned in his honor:

“Good Fucking Riddance Seth Fucking Putnam”
“Mourning Seth Putnam is Gay”
"Rest in Piss Seth Putnam"
"Meth Seth Dead in Bed”
“Seth Putnam has Dead Shitbreath”
“Seth You’re Dead (Fuck You)”

Quick story:
I’d never seen AxCx. Then they announced they’d be playing a club gig in Buffalo. I had to go. So 3 other dudes and I drove all the way up there to the club only to find it was cancelled. The band couldn’t get there. I emailed Seth after the show and he replied. He said they didn’t have a vehicle big enough for them and their gear. Local bands wouldn’t let them borrow and he didn’t want to pay the high price the club would have charged to rent equipment. So they bailed. He said he’d put me on the guest list for next time.

I can only imagine what kind of a posh backstage experience that would have been. Sitting in their big custom 75 foot tour bus. Sampling the meat and cheese tray and being offered a snort of cocaine off a stripper’s implanted rack. No, that’s 1987 Motley Crue. This would have been more like in the alley behind the shit hole club. Sitting on milk crates. Drinking warm, tallboy cans of Miller High Life. With Seth bumming cigarettes off me.

Anyway – it didn’t happen. And I never saw them play. But if you’ve never heard any Anal Cunt – here you go. A nice little primer.

One final song title:
“Fuck You Seth Putnam for Stiffing The Buffalo Show So I Never Saw How Big of a Drunk Asshole You Were”

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