July 29, 2011

MIXTAPE: Label sampler riffer madness.

I love record label samplers. You get a nice taste of bands you probably wouldn’t know otherwise. I’ve come across a glut of them recently. I poured through about 10 of them and now have made it easier for you. Here is a comp from the comps. The best of the best. I’ve separated the wheat from the chaff. The curd from the turd. 
01 - Anchor - Atlantis
02 - Baptists - Good Parenting
03 - Black Kites - Sleep Easy - Tall Tales, Low Lives
04 - Blind To Faith - Floodgates/Death Mantra
05 - Book Of Black Earth - Cross Contamination
06 - Casey Jones - Hammer The Nails
07 - Crossbreaker - Time Is Making Fools Of Us
08 - Daggers - Axes
09 - Down To Nothing - Where It Went
10 - Early Graves - Wraiths
11 - Gluttons - Point Break
12 - Gray Ghost - Lascivious Nocturnus
13 - Hammerfist - Climbing Knife Mountain
14 - Make It Reign - Kiss The Dead
15 - Masakari - Trapped In The Mold
16 - Mindsnare - Final Call
17 - Pulling Teeth - From Birth
18 - Rot In Hell - Cholothrax
19 - Seven Sisters Of Sleep - Sundown
20 - Slave - Rise Of Shame
21 - Soldiers - Unscarred
22 - Trap Them - The Facts

They may be small bands on small labels, but you should support these bands when they come play at the bowling alley in your town.

July 21, 2011

MIX-O-RAMA: Rage: Anger is a gift.

Rage Against The Machine (1992) self titled. The whole album boiled down into one 10 minute track.

My remix. Enjoy.

July 14, 2011

MIXTAPE: My kinda cuntry.


We’re not just metal here. Nope. I’ve always had a soft spot for a certain kinda country. Maybe it was the stuff I heard at my grandparent’s house. It wasn’t until the last couple years that I really zeroed in on exactly WHAT I liked when it came to the bluer side of the grass. The style I dig – which of course can be replicated using modern recording techniques – is the country style originating from the 1940s, progressing up until what was called Outlaw Country (the stuff generally credited to Waylon Jennings, Hank Jr., Kris Kristofferson, Merle Haggard and friends starting in the early 1970s). Those outlaws set it down the path that led to the wrong fork in the dirt road (Garth Brooks, Toby Keith and all that shit). So this here mixtape aint any of that rockified outlaw, or otherwise water-chased pop country bullshit. 


We’ve got some modern numbers in here, but they’ve got style. So get down off your saddle and crack open a Lone Star long neck beer. Take a (down)load off and enjoy.


Track Listing:

01 - Reverend Horton Heat - Ain't No Saguaro In Texas

02 - Nick 13 - All Alone
03 - Mike Ness - Ballad Of A Lonely Man
04 - Elvis Presley - Blue Moon (Sun Recording)
05 - Elvis Presley - Blue Moon Of Kentucky (Sun Recording)
06 - Bernie Waldon - Bright Lights And Go Go Girls
07 - Nick 13 - Carry My Body Down
08 - Carl Butler - Cash On The Barrelhead
09 - Iron Horse - Creeping Death (Metallica Cover)
10 - Hank Williams III - Devil's Daughter
11 - Benny Barnes - Diesel Smoke
12 - Chuck Ragan & Austin Lucas - Distant Land To Roam
13 - Waylon Jennings - Dukes Of Hazzard Theme
14 - The Mavericks - Foolish Heart
15 - Johnny Cash - (Ghost) Riders In The Sky
16 - Ray Price - Go Away
17 - Hank Williams - Happy Roving Cowboy [Overlaid 8X]
18 - Hayseed Dixie - Hell's Bells (AC-DC Cover)
19 - Nancy Sinatra - How Does That Grab You, Darlin'
20 - Ferlin Husky - I'll Sail My Ship Alone
21 - Deke Dickerson - I'm Lonesome
22 - Buck Owens - I've Got A Tiger By The Tail
23 - Marcie Dickerson - I Want To Be A Truckdrivers Sweetheart
24 - Tiger Army - In The Orchard
25 - Joaquin Phoenix - It Ain't Me Babe [With Reese Witherspoon]
26 - Johnny Paycheck - Jukebox Charlie
27 - Mike Ness - Let The Jukebox Keep On Playing
28 - Hank Williams - Lost Highway
29 - Jim Oertling - Louisiana Gambler
30 - Willie Nelson - Make Way For A Better Man
31 - Johnny Cash - Mean Eyed Cat
32 - Crooked Cowboy & The Freshwater Indians - Midnight Run
33 - Hank Williams III - Mississippi Mud
34 - Ray Lamontagne & The Pariah Dogs - New York City's Killing Me
35 - Johnny Horton - North To Alaska
36 - Tiger Army - Outlaw Heart
37 - Carl Perkins - Put Your Cat Clothes On
38 - Hank Williams III - Rebel Within
39 - Waylon Jennings - Six Strings Away
40 - Dwight Yoakum - Slingblade Jam
41 - Charlie Feathers - That Certain Female
42 - Patsy Cline - Walkin' After Midnight
43 - Tiger Army - Where The Moss Slowly Grows
44 - The Carlisles - Woman Driver
45 - Ray Price - Your Old Love Letters

Liner Notes:

  • Nick 13 - All Alone: off the new solo debut of Tiger Army's singer/songwriter/guitarist; By FAR the best song on the album. A ten.
  • Carl Butler – Cash On The Barrelhead: A “fuzzy” song that epitomizes the style I love.
  • Ray Price – Go Away: fucking love this song. The guitar is so cleanly awesome. A true country crooner.
  • Marcie Dickerson – Truck Driver’s Sweetheart: yep, yodeling. Embrace it.
  • Tiger Army – In The Orchard: gun to my head and you say pick ONE song as your all-time favorite of any genre, any band. This is the song I pick in a blastbeat.
  • Johnny Paycheck – Jukebox Charlie: a drinking your sorrows away standard; spot on to the music style I want in my country; look up the album cover. It’s frame-worthy.
  • Ray Lamontagne & The Pariah Dogs - New York City's Killing Me: I’ll say it again. God damn this song is so awesome.
  • Dwight Yoakum - Slingblade Jam: from the movie. Not the soundtrack, the movie. My rip.
  • Patsy Cline - Walkin' After Midnight: voice of an angel – clipped far too young at age 30 in a plane crash.
  • The Carlisles - Woman Driver: here’s an oldie. The lyrics surely date the song. Fucking hilarious. But I love how the singer packs so much raw emotion into each of the chorus parts.
  • Ray Price – Your Old Love Letters: okay, this is near the end of his career. He may sound a bit like your grandpa here – but he’s still got the smooth pipes. Golden.
If you like the bands – support them and buy their music.

July 11, 2011

Iggy Pop retires to become a Chippendale.

When Iggy Pop goes to, say a wedding, does he still wear no shirt, just with a tie?

July 7, 2011

Bob from La Bamba should have won an Oscar for this.

Awesome flick from 1987.

Best scene, with possibly the best line ever from the uber romantic Bob is right here: when Rosie tells Bob she's pregnant.

Rosie: "Well aren't u gonna say sumthin???"

Bob: (sniffs the shot of tequila in front of him like it is the nectar of the gods):

Bob: "It ain't my first -- or my last" (slams 18th shot of said tequila; Rosie storms off)


Then, there’s this…

July 5, 2011

MIXTAPE: Bitchin’ Mixtape Vol.2

UPDATE: the following was a link to download a mixtape I put together. But for some reason little ol' me has come under fire recently and have had a bunch of my blog posts targeted as copyright violations. So I've taken down the link. So check out the list of songs that I deem as good, but that you can't hear here, but that you can find in a million other places on the Internet. For the most part we are talking about underground fucking music here. And let's be fair - it's one band or one management team or one stupid fucking label that telling BLOGGER to pull my shit down. I don't know which band. So fuck your street teams that are scouring the Internet to pull down music for bands that SHOULD be dying to attract new fans based on the glowing praises of REAL fans like me. What the fuck ever.  
Here’s the second of many future Bitchin’ Mixtapes. No rhyme or reason as to the frequency that I’ll post these – or the mixture of heavy and non-heavy, old and new.

MIXTAPE: Bitchin’ Mixtape Vol.2

Track listing:

01 - Afro-Punk – Shackle
02 - Tool - Hooker With A Penis
03 - Helmet - Crisis King
04 - Prong - Take It In Hand
05 - Thrice - In Exile
06 - Red Hot Chili Peppers - The Greeting Song
07 - Tardy Brothers - Fate's Call
08 - Cannibal Corpse – Gutted
09 - Obituary - Memories Remain
10 - Danzig - Soul On Fire
11 - Profanation - Barbaric Death Metal
12 - Motley Crue - Primal Scream
13 - Ozzy Osbourne - S.A.T.O.
14 - Bad Religion - Wrong Way Kids
15 - Viking Skull - Doom, Gloom, Heartache & Whiskey
16 - Elvis Presley - Mystery Train
17 - Malevolent Creation - Pursuit Revised
18 - Band Of Horses - The Funeral
19 - Alice In Chains - Bleed The Freak
20 - Samhain - Death... In It's Arms
21 - Turmoil - These Bridges
22 - The Mavericks - Foolish Heart
23 - Kids Like Us – Snitchblade
24 - Metallica - Crash Course In Brain Surgery
25 - Ray Lamontagne & The Pariah Dogs - New York City's Killing Me
26 - Dick Dale - Peter Gunn
27 - Bitter End - Guilty As Charged
28 - Hatebreed - Through The Thorns
29 - Suicidal Tendencies - Pledge Your Allegiance
30 - Integrity - Abraxas Annihilation

Liner Notes:

  • Tool – Hooker With A Penis: “F-u-c-k you buddy! F--u--c--k you buddy!” ‘Nuff said.
  • Helmet – Crisis King: That whole “Aftertaste” album is great. This is the best song. Some songs fit this category – and this nails it: this is a great driving in the car song.
  • Thrice – In Exile: mellow awesome. Thanks JS.
  • Chili Peppers – The Greeting Song: my favorite Peppers song of all time.
  • Tardy Brothers – Fate’s Call: Sounds like Obituary? That’s because the singer and drummer are brothers that play in another band.
  • Corpse – Gutted: the death godfathers. With the godfather singer. Bass-heavy as hell.
  • Profanation – Barbaric Death Metal: my favorite song by this band. Read and hear more on a previous posting on this site.
  • Bad Religion – Wrong Way Kids: from their latest. Can’t you just hear the chorus live in a club with 1,000 chanting it in unison?
  • Viking Skull – Doom, Gloom: the riff! My god the riff! And that kick in at the :25 mark. So killer.
  • Band of Horses – The Funeral: another mellow awesomer from our good friend JS
  • AIC – Bleed the Freak: yep, this is what you forgot when you forgot about AIC. Wake up. Rest in peace Mike Starr.
  • Metallica – Crash Course: one of my top 5 all-time Metallica favorites. I know it’s a cover, and I know they didn’t really produce it. And that they just threw it together, but you see what happens when you don’t over think it too much? The bass AND guitar both come through loud and clear. So heavy.
  • Ray LaMontagne – NYC is Killing Me: wow. This song is so strong. Can’t wait to hear this at the cabin in the woods with a can of High Life in one hand, a Clint Eastwood cigar in the other and BBQ sauce all over my face.
  • Dick Dale – Peter Gunn: If you can’t appreciate Dick Dale, you don’t like guitar-based rock.
  • Suicidal Tendencies – Pledge Your Allegiance: ST! ST! ST!
If you like the bands – support them and buy their music.