August 11, 2011

MIXTAPE: the best of LIVE Faith No More 90-98

Here’s a treat for you. I culled through about 30 recordings of full Faith No More concerts about 5 years ago to arrive at this 61 song, 4 hour “concert”. The live recordings were from the first coming of FNM during the Mike Patton era – 1990 up to their final concert in Lisbon April 7, 1998. Most are from decent sounding soundboard recordings.

I’m generally not a big fan of live recordings, especially if a band performs songs EXACTLY like studio tracks. Why listen to live songs when you can hear it clearer and better on the original disc? But in FNM – and particularly with Mike Patton - you get spontaneity.  You get extra personality – like the sound a microphone makes when shoved up the singer’s ass (true story – but not on this mixtape)

What I did here was go through all the concerts and listen to each time they played a certain song. Then I listened over and over to find the best take of that song. Epic, We Care A lot and Easy were played at every concert of course so there was a lot to choose from. But some songs were probably only played for very short windows of time right after an album came out. So there are some real gems in here. My criteria for picking which version of a song made this live mixtape was not always sound quality. I considered the following:

·         When Patton “tries hard”. The guy’s voice is incredible. When he really sings it – not just going wild or being silly – it can be chillingly awesome.
·         When the crowd is really into it. Listen to some of these European audiences and you’ll know why this American-based band played their comeback shows over there.
·         When there is interesting stage banter or something extra that sets it apart from studio versions.  

Liner Notes:
·         In a couple of the songs a fan gets past security and up onto the stage. They usually fuck with Roddy’s keyboard.
·         In RV (track 33) – the main mic goes out at the beginning of the song. But it sounds so cool to hear the clean guitar without the vocals over the top – then the crowd singing, then Patten’s vocal feed fades in.

Track Listing - with city and date:

[[01] Intro (The Final Countdown) [Italy 12-17-92]
[[02] As The Worm Turns [Phoenix Festival 7-17-93]
[[03] From Out Of Nowhere [Zurich 3-28-95]
[[04] Everything's Ruined [3-7-95]
[[05] Evidence [Melbourne 8-14-95]
[[06] Paths Of Glory [Amsterdam 4-30-97]
[[07] Chinese Arithmetic [Lyon 12-9-92]
[[08] Falling To Pieces [Phoenix Festival 7-17-93]
[[09] A Small Victory [Phoenix Festival 7-17-93]
[[10] Digging The Grave [Israel 6-29-95]
[[11] Home Sick Home [San Fran 10-6-97]
[[12] Introduce Yourself [Phoenix Festival 7-15-95]
[[13] The Morning After [Phoenix Festival 7-17-93]
[[14] Jizzlobber [Lyon 12-9-92]
[[15] Ice Ice Baby [Lisbon 4-7-98 FINAL SHOW]
[[16] Caralho Voador [Melbourne 8-14-95]
[[17] Got That Feeling [Rotterdam 8-27-97]
[[18] This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Both Of Us [Spain 4-4-98]
[[19] Death March [Phoenix Festival 7-17-93]
[[20] Epic [Phoenix Festival 7-15-95]
[[21] Caffeine [Phoenix Festival 7-17-93]
[[22] 16 Tons & Let's Lynch The Landlord [Phoenix Festival 7-17-93]
[[23] Get Out [Melbourne 8-14-95]
[[24] Pristina [San Fran 10-6-97]
[[25] R n R [Phoenix Festival 7-17-93]
[[26] Surprise! You're Dead! [Melbourne 8-14-95]
[[27] Glory Box [Phoenix Festival 7-15-95]
[[28] Be Aggressive [Phoenix Festival 7-15-95]
[[29] Just A Man [Phoenix Festival 7-15-95]
[[30] Collision [Wolverhampton 12-1-97]

[[31] Mark Bowen [Phoenix Festival 7-17-93]
[[32] Underwater Love [Amsterdam 6-22-92]
[[33] RV [3-7-95]
[[34] I Started A Joke [Phoenix Festival 7-15-95]
[[35] Ricochet [Phoenix Festival 7-15-95]
[[36] Ashes To Ashes [Lisbon 4-7-98 FINAL SHOW]
[[37] Why Do You Bother [Phoenix Festival 7-17-93]
[[38] Highway Star [San Fran 10-6-97]
[[39] Woodpecker From Mars [Lyon 12-9-92]
[[40] Kindergarten [11-9-92]
[[41] King For A Day [Zurich 3-28-95]
[[42] Last Cup Of Sorrow [Sydney 10-21-97]
[[43] Easy [3-7-95]
[[44] The Real Thing [Sydney 7-30-90]
[[45] Land Of Sunshine [Phoenix Festival 7-17-93]
[[46] The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies [Rotterdam 8-27-97]
[[47] Stripsearch [Wolverhampton 12-1-97]
[[48] Sweet Dreams [Quinta Vergara 2-6-91]
[[49] The Crab Song [Phoenix Festival 7-17-93]
[[50] Zombie Eaters [Phoenix Festival 7-17-93]
[[51] Midlife Crisis [Hannover 8-11-92]
[[52] Ugly In The Morning [Wolverhampton 12-1-97]
[[53] War Pigs [Phoenix Festival 7-17-93]
[[54] Midnight Cowboy [Lisbon 4-7-98 FINAL SHOW]
[[55] What A Day [Phoenix Festival 7-15-95]
[[56] Take This Bottle [Zurich 3-28-95]
[[57] Naked In Front Of The Computer [Wolverhampton 12-1-97]
[[58] Crack Hitler [Hannover 8-11-92]
[[59] Edge Of The World [Phoenix Festival 7-17-93]
[[60] We Care A Lot [Hannover 8-11-92]
[[61] This Guy's In Love With You [San Fran 10-6-97]

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  1. Thanks brother...for the compilations of best FNM's live performance....i love it very much!!!