August 20, 2011

MIXTAPE: Van In Halen. Ex Halen Out The Best.

Once again people, fucking forget the record label “best of” releases. You get just the singles and other bullshit they want you to hear. If you are younger and missed out on the heyday of a band, do yourself a favor and check out a band’s entire catalog. Then make your own best of. Everybody has their own style and preference. I’ve been doing this with classic bands. I showed you my take on Black Sabbath. And even newer stuff like Faith No More.

I’ve got one Hagar song in here. Ehh. He’s just not it for me. I chose this song because of Alex Van Halen. Killer drums. Plus Eddie of course. The Red Rocker is just there. Might as well sub in Gary Cherone. Whatever.

So welcome to the Sunset Strip. The kings before Motley Crue (who will be coming your way soon). 

01 - Atomic Punk (1978)
02 – D.O.A. (1979)
03 - Dirty Movies (1981)
04 – Eruption (1978)
05 - Hang 'Em High (1982)
06 - House Of Pain (1984)
07 – Intruder (1982)
08 - Jamie's Cryin' (1978)
09 - Little Dreamer (1978)
10 - Outta Love Again (1979)
11 – Poundcake (1991)
12 - Romeo Delight (1980)
13 - Runnin With The Dave [16 sec of Dave] (1978)
14 – Unchained (1981)
15 - Where Have All The Good Times Gone (1982)
16 - You Really Got Me Now (1978)

Liner Notes:

  • Atomic Punk – doesn’t get much better than this. Top 3 VH for me. Bass heavy as hell.
  • D.O.A. – my favorite VH song. The total package.
  • Eruption – you have to have it. This is the original intro to Eddie Van Halen. This was in every party mix of mine for about 5 years.
  • House Of Pain – Christ, there were so many singles off the album ‘1984’ – but not this song. Why not? Killer song.
  • Intruder – this song sums up what I like about VH. Yes, they have Eddie who gets all the ink. But they have a fantastic drums/bass rhythm section with Alex and Michael. This song showcases the sound I love out of this band.
  • Romeo Delight – you wanted to know what was also in that top 3 VH? Here it is.
  • Running With The Dave – this is my edit. A few years ago on the Internet a vocals only take of Running went around. What a madman Diamond Dave is. You can practically hear him snorting the coke off some some stripper.  Anyway – I took that and give you the best 16 sec.
  • Unchained – “you’ll get some leg tonight for sure”
  • You Really Got Me Now – again, you NEED this song.

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