September 9, 2011

MIXTAPE: Bitchin’ Mixtape Vol.4

Now my pace for these is nowhere near as frequent as my metal brethren – Metal Bastard – a mate that puts out an MP3 shuffle every single Friday. I look forward to those and I hope y’all look to these Mixtapes put out on this here site. Not that you would ever comment and tell me what you liked. So enjoy.

Track listing:

All Teeth – Downers
Anal Cunt - 311 Sucks!
Anthrax - Keep It In The Family [Edit]
Biohazard - Tears Of Blood
Black Tusk - The Crash
Bobby Vinton - Blue Velvet
Crooked Cowboy & The Freshwater Indians - Midnight Run
Earth Crisis - When Slaves Revolt
Flotsam And Jetsam - Newsted Bass Solo (MetalShock)
Iron Maiden - Wasted Years [Edit]
Johnny Horton - North To Alaska
Judge - Give It Up
Kowloon Walled City - Turk Taylor And Jones
Lamb Of God – Ruin
Misery Index - We Never Come In Peace
Nick Oliveri - Hybrid Moments (Misfits Cover)
Norma Jean - Memphis Will Be Laid To Waste [Edit]
Palehorse - Bleed The Sheep
Pantera - (Good Friends) I'm Broken [Kielbasage Splice]
Paradise Lost - One Second
Raging Speedhorn - How The Great Have Fallen
Ray Price - Go Away
Social Distortion - Don't Drag Me Down
The Hope Conspiracy - Suicide Design
The Kills - Night Train
The Pixies - Where Is My Mind
The Skeletons - Tubbs' Theme
Throwdown – Americana
Unjust - Way Out
White Zombie - Soul-Crusher [Edit]

Liner Notes:

  • Anal Cunt - 311 Sucks!: This is for my bud AW – who I will think of every time I hear this song for the rest of my life. ‘’’’choke’’’’cough’’’’uggghhhh’’’wheeewwwww’’’’’
  • Bobby Vinton - Blue Velvet: this song is gold. So smooth. Again – just don’t just be a metal dude.
  • Crooked Cowboy & The Freshwater Indians - Midnight Run: look this guy up. Not much at all out there. Mysterious like. But this is the fucking shit. God damn awesome.
  • Earth Crisis - When Slaves Revolt: I’ve personally had it with this band’s vegan preaching – but if the first 20 seconds of this song don’t pump your nads – you don’t have a pulse. Jeeze.
  • Flotsam And Jetsam - Newsted Bass Solo (MetalShock): one of my first snippet edits ever. Pulled this little jam out of an 8 minute Flots song – but this could be the reason Newsted got the Metallica gig in 1986. This rocks.
  • Iron Maiden - Wasted Years [Edit]: “Oh, I’m too cool for Iron Maiden. They are too old.” Fuck you and listen to this. Then respect this band.
  • Johnny Horton - North To Alaska: My kinda cuntry.
  • Kowloon Walled City - Turk Taylor And Jones: this band made my list of stupid band names, but it truly is all about the music. HEAAAAAAVY.
  • Lamb Of God – Ruin: my favorite L.O.G. song
  • Nick Oliveri - Hybrid Moments (Misfits Cover): better than the original? And it’s acoustic? Check it out. Love it.
  • Palehorse - Bleed The Sheep: I don’t think you can get heavier than this. So stop trying. Just enjoy it.
  • Pantera - (Good Friends) I'm Broken [Kielbasage Splice]: Another classic of mine from back in the cassette tape mix days. I took the beginning of “Good Friends and a Bottle of Pills” and connected it with “I’m Broken”. Match made in Dime heaven.
  • The Kills - Night Train: not blown away by all their stuff, but this is killer.
  • The Pixies - Where Is My Mind: The real question is Where Have I Been? I just discovered this (from 1988)
  • The Skeletons - Tubbs' Theme: I found this a couple years ago on a compilation of spy theme music (mostly British 1960s stuff). THIS is why I sift through stuff like that to find these diamonds.
  • Unjust - Way Out: this was a free song I found on Bill Gould of Faith No More’s record label Kool Arrow. Great song.

Edits are my edits – used to improve the song, keep listener interest high and/or shorten in an attempt to get more songs played at a party. Don’t like it? Buy the original.

If you like the bands – support them and buy their music.