February 9, 2012

MIXTAPE: Bitchin’ Mixtape Vol.8

This mother fucker is eclectic – just like you. Enjoy.

Track listing (click graphic for better view):

Liner Notes:
  • Obit – Best song on their debut album. Riffy. Bassy.  
  • The Dark Prison Massacre – this is why I go through tons of stuff I find on the Internet and music blogs. You’d never find this needle in that haystack. This is my little edit of a killer little jam. 
  • Killing InsdLove these Brothers. Such groove on this second album.
  • Last Cup – I hope this was not the last cup from these guys. You’ve done the reunion – now complete the picture with a new album.
  • L.T. Zero – Sappy. Slow. An organ. Yep. But awesome. If you ever doubted he was an Elvis man, here’s your proof.
  • Liars Burning – I admit I struggle looking past the “look” of this band/guy – but the dude has all the right elements of 80s thrash. Killer song.
  • Life Stained – from their “metal” album. New album coming soon. Should be interesting.
  • London D – this is one of my top 3 favs by this group of miscreants.
  • Love Me – another gives me the “chills” song. This is on 75th birthday album that came out recently. If it’s in a jukebox in a bar, play this. Who can’t dig this?
  • Mandatory – hear the first 3 seconds and you too will be screaming this band’s name – cuz it’s instantly identifiable.
  • Map World – I can’t promote this band enough. So awesome. Both albums are strong top to bottom. God, I love this voice.
  • Marie’s Name – a piano riff. That is what drives this song. NOBODY does that anymore.  
  • Merch – My fav song by this band. JS: thanks.
  • Mourn – this front man’s solo album impressed me very much. Really singing on this one. Great song.
  • Thanks for Nothing – one of my favorites by my favorite band of all time. Get on board.

Cheers to you. Now go listen.

If you like the bands – support them and buy their music.

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