February 20, 2012

MIXTAPE: Ultra Underground Deathgrindmotherfucker

I mentioned in my last posting for the Bitchin’ MIXTAPE 8 when talking about the Dark Prison Massacre – that finding songs like that are the reason I scour other music blogs. The reason I download extremely obscure albums. Maybe 93.7% of it is shit – but when you find that one song. That one gem – it’s worth it.

This mixtape is dedicated to those gems. You ain’t heard of these bands. But they are awesome. They are ultra underground. But today they have a little light put on them. Shout outs to 3 blogs I know I probably discovered some of these bands from them:


Okay, these guys pictured here are not on this MIXTAPE. I just thought they were excellent representatives of what I hope some of the bands look like.


The thing about the songs on this comp is that the production is severely compromised in many of these songs. But there’s the charm. It doesn’t hinder – it enhances in many cases.

I selected these – maybe you’ve figured out by now – because for me it’s all about the groove or the jam. Every one of these songs hits me in “that spot” in some way.

So check it out. Enjoy. Cheers to you – and them.

Track listing (click for larger view):

Liner Notes:
  • Abnegation – Welcome To Hell – Sure it’s a cover. But killer delivery.
  • Afro-Punk – Shackle – vocal styling with a great cadence.
  • Avulsion – Subliminal Seduction – Buffalo NY veterans. I saw these guys open for Malevolent Creation recently (Broadway Joes) and they were killer. Listen to that jam at the 0:22 mark!
  • Banished – Altered Minds – tight as fuck. Understandable, yet classic death vocals.
  • Butcher ABC – Crime Against Humanity – again a cover, but Jesuz! No disrespect to the rest of the band, but this is one of the best drumming performances I’ve EVER heard. Production be damned. It’s still killer.
  • Cardiac Arrest – The Atrocity Circle – thanks Lo-Res. Awesome album top to bottom.
  • Coffins – Warhead – Okay this is my pick of this entire comp. I really don’t think it gets ANY heavier than this. My god.
  • Cryptopsy – Graves Of The Fathers – every instrument gets equal, full representation. Wow. Great.
  • The Dark Prison Massacre – my little edit jam from one of their songs. Played in EVERY single party mix for the rest of my life. Even if my mom is over.
  • Diorrhea – Malessere Perpetuo – FAST!
  • Dismember – Trail Of The Dead – groovy man.
  • Eternal Suffering – Buried Under Blackened Tears – bass is well represented and for that I thank you.
  • Flagitious Idiosyncrasy In The Dilapidation – Studeny Klih – ridiculous name. ridiculously awesome.
  • Hellchild – The Scent Of Summer Rain – my edit. Down to the awesome groove.
  • Insect Warfare – Manipulator – get your face ripped off by this son.
  • Last Days Of Humanity – Gushing Guts Disseminate From Festered Organs – another every party mix staple in my house. So fucking heavy.
  • Lifebleed – Differences Of Fade And Dissolve – Lockport New York killers. Why this band never made it I’ll never know. So tight.
  • Looking For An Answer – Ruptura – Looking for riff? Look no further.
  • Mange – Again I See – Just something about the drums and how it all comes together for me. Awesome
  • Mortician – Mate Tenebrarum – another of my edits. Just found this one. Gutteral is the descriptor.
  • Profanation – Barbaric Death Metal – my favorite song by this band (which I have been promoting for quite some time).
  • Pyrexia – Abominat – quite damn polished, thank you.
  • Rotting – Unholy Penetration – not polished – but the pocket is achieved quite well
  • Rune – Four Season Landmark – perhaps my second fav on this comp. God damn heavy. Fuck!
  • Sepsism – Concealed In Flesh – awesome start and stop jamming.
  • Skarp – Feed The Addiction – snappy as hell drums. Riff o rama at the 0:46 mark.
  • Skinfather – Dead Deity – whoa, boy. Get ready.
  • Xysma – Pulverized Necrobrains – my necrobrains are now pulverized, and it’s high time yours were too. Bitch.
  • Corpsebomb – No words for it. Just listen.
And if you are in one of these bands and stumbled here via Google Alert or whatever – hit me up with some reaction.


  1. I don't think you got any of those from me, but thanks for the shout out.

    Great job as always, gotta hear this shit.

  2. yeah, it's all about the 6.3%, god I've heard a lot of utter toss, but then you get the gems and it suddenly becomes worth all the stuff that makes me despair of the musical tastes of most of humanity. thanks for the mix.