April 1, 2012

MIXTAPE: Anthrax Attack

Another of the so-called Big 4 of Thrash. I agree they deserve that honor. Good band always. And for me, one of the bands I was WAY into in my youth. So that means the band will always have a spot in my heart.

Their new album “Worship Music” has received very good reviews – and I agree. Great to see/hear them on top of their game 30 years after they started. Loud & proud singer Joey Belladonna is back and he sounds great. The off-key wails present on the band’s early catalog have been reined in on this album. Check it out.

Despite my long history with the band I have only seen them play live once – during the Summer 1991 “Clash of the Titans” tour. Alice in Chains opened for Anthrax, Megadeth and Slayer. The three big bands rotated each night who played in which slot. Anthrax was the closer the night I saw them, so they had the full nighttime sky slot with all the stage lights.

Track listing (click for larger view):

  • Start you off with a couple from 1987’s State of Euphoria. Classic. Be All, End All is one of my all-time favorites
  • Belly of the Beast – pure thrash.
  • Black Lodge – John Bush (ex-Armored Saint) on vocals. A “ballad” I guess, but killer.
  • Bring the Noise – five years after the band rapped their way through “I’m the Man” – they took it up a notch with a song that stands up 20 years later. This joint with PE changed a lot in the music biz – spawning perhaps a whole new genre
  • Caught in a Mosh – here’s a song you have to have. I think the band plays this song at every single show.  
  • In the End – off the new album. Powerful. Joey!!!
  • Keep it in the Family – my edit. That opening riff defines the Anthrax sound – which is Scott Ian
  • More John Bush – with a Kiss cover song mixed in – check it out. See if you like bush as much as I do.