May 5, 2012

MIXTAPE: Bitchin’ Mixtape Vol.9

Sorry for the delay in – well, anything.  I was on the toilet and fell in. Back to the music that is Bitchin’. Enjoy.

Track listing (click for larger view):

Liner Notes:
  • Toxic – these (this guy) looks ridiculous, but this slays.
  • ND – from their last album (before the new one). Heaviest number on the record. 
  • Killing Insd – Love these Brothers. Such groove on this second album.
  • Bloodl – Slow heavy the way it should be.
  • Dy Fet – The song that opened my eyes to this band. Originally reminded me of Napalm “Harmony Corruption” era. Since, I know DF owns this style.
  • Krn – my all time fav song by this band – from their debut album.
  • Down – I’m listening to this and I’m once again 21, when it came out. Washing my car in my mom’s driveway. Smoking a cigarette. I’m a badass.
  • Rolling – not huge on this band, but this here is my fav by them.
  • Dicks – back when I was first on Napster (ground floor baby) – this band was the name I’d always use to see if someone had “the shit”. If this band came up – game on
  • 16 – not even sure how to qualify this one. Just solid rock.
  • Unbroke – thanks JS for this band. This song is so heavy. And, you’ve never heard it. Real hardcore.
  • Integ – riff-o-rama.
  • Misf – okay – get past Glenn and embrace the new version of this band. This song is BY FAR the best song this band has done with either singer. Give it a chance.  
  • Slay – I always liked this song but then a friend played it at a gathering where we were in “the zone”. I heard it again, and man, did I hear it. Fav song by this band now. That first 3 minutes rules.
  • D Angel – remember the video? No? Look it up. These guys from the far east know the deal, and so should you. 1990.  Yep.

If you like the bands – support them and buy their music.

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  1. the best dicks track - imo - thanks for the mix