June 14, 2012

Island of Misfits-Danzig.

You’ve read the weird news reports on Danzig. The pile of bricks in front of his house. The setup knockout punch. The odd, macabre items in his house. His hatred for having his picture taken. His love of see-through mesh shirts.

But the guy rocks. If you forgot that, or have never really been exposed, here is a great primer. I avoided most of the songs that Metallica has covered. What’s here are mostly fast paced, punk-fueled gems and a few Elvis-influenced (dare I say) crooneresque numbers that dot the man’s catalog.

History crash course: original singer/founder of Misfits (1977-1983); Samhain (1984-1987); Danzig (1987-current)

So take your shirt off, get angry and listen to this you fucking Misfit…

Track Listing (click for larger view):

June 12, 2012

Seth Putnam - Anal Cunt - 1 year later

Okay, looks like Seth really DID die a year ago. Although I'm sure he's the next hologram performer they're pumping millions of dollars into (move over Elvis).

Read my tribute from last June...

June 7, 2012

Year One wonder.

One year ago today I started this. The stats say the hits are there and people are downloading the goods. A grand total of 33 comments from 7 people. Shout outs to what I consider my good cyber friend Metal Bastard and fellow appreciators chris_c and chris_dmt (who may be the same dude).

Regardless, I may not be prolific in my output but I hope you like the music. After all, that’s what it’s about – appreciating, gaining exposure to and sharing good music (mostly underground). I intend to keep after it as we start year two.

Today’s double mix is sort of a best of. Much comes from the past year of posts, but many aren’t. So grab it.

MIX A – are songs that really, really do it for me. My crazy-good best of.
MIX B – are songs that are A1 in their own right. But not everything makes MIX A.

Click picture for a larger view of track listing:


Not one song in either of these mixtapes are fluff.

Onward people. Cheers.


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