September 27, 2012

MIXTAPE: Bitchin’ Mixtape Vol.11

Yeah? Yeah?? You know what???? This is bitchin’ – bitch. Enjoy.

Track listing (click for larger view):

  • Prng: I was soooo into this band and this album. Sooooo reminds me of newly achieved post-highschool for me.
  • Bldlet: raw as hell voice; and interesting as fuck “artcore” that oozes heavy. I just made up that artcore shit.
  • BlkDah: I made this little splice. Been using it for years in my mixes cuz it gives you the killer hook from the intro track and blends beautifully into the best track on the debut slayer
  • Hlmet: this whole album is so damn great. I’d call the sound “punchy”
  • TA: get more here
  • Slyr: this is now 22 years old and it sounds fresh as hell. The video (love the beginning with the door shutting) is for me the standard in metal videos.
  • Austin: if you like this killer ditty – and you like my country-fried sensibility, then check this out.
  • ND: they always do this. The Jap bonus tracks left off the proper releases end up being some of my favs (probably cuz they’re not “grind” enough; whatever).
  • COC: perhaps my favorite of this album. Only album with Karl Agell, who is now doing more of a southern straight on rock thing. Great voice on this album.
  • MdCps: save the hipster labels. Good song.
  • Etts: again, I’m generally not into singers that are broads, but….
  • Katy: screw you JS – this band is great. You just don’t like death metal. And this here is serious death metal with one of the best drummers.
  • Hk numb3: awesome, awesome, awesome. Clearly this song is speaking of him, his poppa and grandpappy.

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