December 28, 2012

MIXTAPE: You gotta have Integrity

Integrity is one of the big 4 of hardcore in my humble opinion (along with Strife, Snapcase and Earth Crisis), but the one with the darkest edge. Cleveland, OH based originally and now founding singer Dwid and his co-conspirator are pretty much based overseas. They are totally independent now (no more Victory Records bullshit) and pretty much just put music out on their own terms and however the fuck they want, whenever they want. The way it should be. Total art.

The flier below was from a show I went to in 2003. The one and only time I saw Integrity live. It was at Xtreme Wheels in Buffalo, which is a former public school building turned into an indoor skate and BMX park. While the band was playing in one third of the venue, little punk kids that didn’t even seem to know a legendary band was playing were skating and biking on vert ramps and grinding on rails in the other part – with the lights fully on. Most bizarre venue set up I’ve ever seen. I wondered – what the hell was wrong with these kids??? In my day skate kids were into Suicidal and DRI, and Misfits, and punk and early thrash – and, well, anything loud. These kids were just oblivious. Oh well. Me and the other 30 dudes saw one hell of great Integrity show. And me and AW hit this old man bar before the show that gave us one of my best ever bar stories. “Keep moving” the old bag barked at us.

Track listing (click for larger view):

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December 9, 2012

MIXTAPE: Bitchin’ Mixtape Vol.12

Time once again to get Bitchin’. Listen here and you will be too. Cheers mates.

Track listing (click for larger view):

 Liner Notes:

  • Aff Natu – a little bit “balls to the wall” 80s sounding – in a good way; with some great riffing
  • Bad B – newish, with a killer drum sound
  • Bk Sab – one of my favorites that is off the beaten mainstream path
  • Brnx – great, great song. Thx Metal Bastard for reminding me their original heavy side is just as great as the mariachi
  • COC – I love this album. Only one with this killer singer. Saw them live on this tour at (RIP) Buffalo’s Continental bar
  • DeerT – Just a great rock song
  • Every Time – this is my all-time favorite song by these chaps from Buffalo. God damn this song is so awesome.
  • Greenry – great voice; great repeat chorus
  • Integty- man, if I ain’t winning you over/back on these guys, just leave now.
  • Leaders – crazy heavy in music and vocals. Back half of the song just rips you apart
  • Metllca- yeah I can see why they left this song off their last full length. What??? Fucking crazy! Best riff they’ve done in 15 years. Song was too long though. This is my edit. You’re welcome.
  • ND – early gem from these badasses
  • Pigsty – pure grind face ripper
  • RayM – I just can’t get over how smoothly awesome this mellow dude is. This song gives me that chills thing
  • Shin Shin – probably the best song on this god forsaken mix. Fuck!
  • Scase – I’ve said my piece here
  • Withdrwl – I like old school hardcore and new. This is the new standard

Bizarro Christmas

Sorry for being away. The Christmas season is here. Check out this from last year. 10 songs you probably don't have. Some that are quite bizarre. Maybe next year I'll actually post my full blown 140+ Christmas Mix monster. But this will tide you over.

Stay frosty.