February 11, 2013


Major problems with Mediafire links not working so I'm going a different route (thanks for the advice Metal Bastard - and example set by Lo-Res Viscera).

I've re-upped the last two posts (Bitchin 13 and Prg). If anyone requests a previous post not working from the past I'll re-upp if for everyone. Just hit me up with a comment on that post.




  1. Just discovered this blog, looks awesome! Any chance you can re up the anthrax, slayer and Korn mix tapes? Also wondering where to start with sepultura/soulfly...any suggestions for an intro ? Thanks

  2. You got it. I've re-upped Anthrax, Korn and Slayer. For Sepultura you can start with my Sepultura Mix from Sept 2011 - which has now also been re-upped. I'm not really into Soulfly. Found it "silly"

    Enjoy all these.