April 21, 2013

MIXTAPE: Primusthaves

When I categorize bands into genres in my master digital files, I try to keep it simple. Metal, death metal, alternative, rap. And a few others. Primus is the only band that I give them their own genre. They are totally unique from top to bottom end of a 12-string bass. Here are my favorites from this San Francisco treat. Most of my favorites comes from their older catalog, but I did think their newest album was very strong, and give you two songs from that effort (Green Naugahyde).

Enjoy the must haves.

Track listing (click for larger view):

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April 7, 2013

MIXTAPE: Edits & Remixxxes, by Kielbasage

I remixed the remix. It was back to the original.”

-Mitch Hedberg

I’ve mentioned before that I don’t have much patience for songs that go north of the 5 minute mark. I’m big into making mixes for parties. In a 6-8 hours party mix you only have so much space for so many songs. Because I like to keep the audience (which is always a complete mixture of musical tastes) engaged, I don’t want to lose half of them when I decide to throw a really heavy song (for example) into the mix. If somebody doesn’t like a particular song, they shouldn’t have to wait 9 minutes to hear something they like.

Plus, life is too damn short to sit through the boring parts of a song. I give you the best parts. I use a simple program to edit all my stuff. Same program I’ve used for 10 years.

So here now I give you the best of my edits and remixes, mashups and other musical fucking masterpieces. Enjoy.

Track listing (click for larger view):

 Liner Notes:
  • Alice - very sweet (hauntingly awesome sounding) version of Man Box I made. Overlayed parts of isolated, just Layne studio vocals over the full normal track. One of the best remixes I ever did.
  • Martyrs – just cut it down to the best part.
  • Bhang – Iron Man like you’ve never heard it before. Trust me the original sitar version was too damn long.
  • Carcass – Holy fuck that is a crunchy riff.  
  • SB Shuff – Yep, 1985 Bears. Embarrassingly awesome. Sure, you want to throw it in a party mix – especially at your SB party. But the original is over 6 minutes. Fuck that. I got it under 3. You’re welcome.
  • Corle – best Patton part laid over a damn fine musical bed.
  • Cowbell – I found the basis for this song a few years ago. It had all the Christopher Walken/Will Ferrell quotes in there from the famous SNL skit and some of the 70s rock songs you'll hear here. But I took it to the next level adding in repeat Walken phrases and more heavy songs (namely GNR and Crue).
  • Dowwwn – I just made this about 2 weeks ago. Nobody’s heard it yet. Took the two riffiest songs off their 1995 debut and spliced them together. They fit quite well.
  • Farts – the best remix I’ve ever done. Hands down. Play this at a party with mixed company (including parents). Tons of movie quotes – and farts.
  • Gdfles – took a bunch of the best parts from a bunch of songs from their last album Hymns and made one song out of it
  • Maiden – great song – now not so damn long.
  • Khi – I had forgotten about this one. I made this one well before the best fart remix ever mentioned above. When I first heard the original song here with the chorus of “my pussy and my crack” – this song was just begging for this treatment. Again – play this at a party to stir things up
  • LilJ – I didn’t do the slayer remix part – I just made it shorter/better
  • Met – Justice – the whole album best parts into one epic 10 min. song (had to be long – just like all the songs on that album)
  • MJ - AC – this puts a smile on my face every time I hear it. Michael J died two days before I was having a really big summer bonfire beer blast. I whipped this little ditty up at the last minute. At the party it played out exactly like I had hoped. A very well known MJ song starts out normal. The whole party audience is whispering, “Awwwe, he’s playing this because he just died.” – then you hear the Anal Cunt spliced ending – and then everybody knew where I stood.
  • Minst – PS69 - shorter – better. No filler
  • NHL94 – Yep – a fucking video game song remix. I took all the individual sounds from the game and spliced them in over the bed of the entire main intro theme song.
  • Balls Wall mash – just made it.  
  • Chili Count – this is probably the first edit I ever made. I originally did this on cassette at my moms. Then I redid this digitally nearly a decade ago. Subtle little nuances in here that people appreciate. Gotta love IceT.
  • Slyr – a couple numbers for you around Angel Death. If you needed a ringtone – here you go – and my oldie AOD remix with some movie clips added
  • Slyr – this spans a few albums but does the all-in-one song thing quite nicely.
  • StWrs – made my own light sabr battle. Yep.
  • ST – Aint nobody got time for a 6 min song. This is right sized.

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