April 7, 2013

MIXTAPE: Edits & Remixxxes, by Kielbasage

I remixed the remix. It was back to the original.”

-Mitch Hedberg

I’ve mentioned before that I don’t have much patience for songs that go north of the 5 minute mark. I’m big into making mixes for parties. In a 6-8 hours party mix you only have so much space for so many songs. Because I like to keep the audience (which is always a complete mixture of musical tastes) engaged, I don’t want to lose half of them when I decide to throw a really heavy song (for example) into the mix. If somebody doesn’t like a particular song, they shouldn’t have to wait 9 minutes to hear something they like.

Plus, life is too damn short to sit through the boring parts of a song. I give you the best parts. I use a simple program to edit all my stuff. Same program I’ve used for 10 years.

So here now I give you the best of my edits and remixes, mashups and other musical fucking masterpieces. Enjoy.

Track listing (click for larger view):

 Liner Notes:
  • Alice - very sweet (hauntingly awesome sounding) version of Man Box I made. Overlayed parts of isolated, just Layne studio vocals over the full normal track. One of the best remixes I ever did.
  • Martyrs – just cut it down to the best part.
  • Bhang – Iron Man like you’ve never heard it before. Trust me the original sitar version was too damn long.
  • Carcass – Holy fuck that is a crunchy riff.  
  • SB Shuff – Yep, 1985 Bears. Embarrassingly awesome. Sure, you want to throw it in a party mix – especially at your SB party. But the original is over 6 minutes. Fuck that. I got it under 3. You’re welcome.
  • Corle – best Patton part laid over a damn fine musical bed.
  • Cowbell – I found the basis for this song a few years ago. It had all the Christopher Walken/Will Ferrell quotes in there from the famous SNL skit and some of the 70s rock songs you'll hear here. But I took it to the next level adding in repeat Walken phrases and more heavy songs (namely GNR and Crue).
  • Dowwwn – I just made this about 2 weeks ago. Nobody’s heard it yet. Took the two riffiest songs off their 1995 debut and spliced them together. They fit quite well.
  • Farts – the best remix I’ve ever done. Hands down. Play this at a party with mixed company (including parents). Tons of movie quotes – and farts.
  • Gdfles – took a bunch of the best parts from a bunch of songs from their last album Hymns and made one song out of it
  • Maiden – great song – now not so damn long.
  • Khi – I had forgotten about this one. I made this one well before the best fart remix ever mentioned above. When I first heard the original song here with the chorus of “my pussy and my crack” – this song was just begging for this treatment. Again – play this at a party to stir things up
  • LilJ – I didn’t do the slayer remix part – I just made it shorter/better
  • Met – Justice – the whole album best parts into one epic 10 min. song (had to be long – just like all the songs on that album)
  • MJ - AC – this puts a smile on my face every time I hear it. Michael J died two days before I was having a really big summer bonfire beer blast. I whipped this little ditty up at the last minute. At the party it played out exactly like I had hoped. A very well known MJ song starts out normal. The whole party audience is whispering, “Awwwe, he’s playing this because he just died.” – then you hear the Anal Cunt spliced ending – and then everybody knew where I stood.
  • Minst – PS69 - shorter – better. No filler
  • NHL94 – Yep – a fucking video game song remix. I took all the individual sounds from the game and spliced them in over the bed of the entire main intro theme song.
  • Balls Wall mash – just made it.  
  • Chili Count – this is probably the first edit I ever made. I originally did this on cassette at my moms. Then I redid this digitally nearly a decade ago. Subtle little nuances in here that people appreciate. Gotta love IceT.
  • Slyr – a couple numbers for you around Angel Death. If you needed a ringtone – here you go – and my oldie AOD remix with some movie clips added
  • Slyr – this spans a few albums but does the all-in-one song thing quite nicely.
  • StWrs – made my own light sabr battle. Yep.
  • ST – Aint nobody got time for a 6 min song. This is right sized.

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  1. Sounds cool, if you don't mind to reupload it i would be glad to download it

  2. Done. Re-upped. Enjoy. Let me know what you think.

  3. Hello man i was caught in some time vortex but i had to be back to thank you for the re-up. My english is quite rusty but i'll try a little review. It's a cool mixtape, i wish there was more works like that on the internet (mixed, remixed and edited metal songs), like a hip-hop mixtape but metal, now that's some good stuff to fire up an evening between metal bros, i specially enjoyed the Slayer medley, cos i have a lot of little pals in their 20 who happen to don't know Slayer, the shortened song are cool too, you did that work tastefully, the cowbell medley is hysterical, the iron man cover was new to me, well lotsa good things, it's the nearest thing i could find sounding like a real MIXtape, and it's a shame that people slept on this release because a volume 2 would be nice oh and last but not least the AIC remix is indeed hauntingly awesome, thanks man

  4. Exuma : \m/\m/ thanks for the review. Glad you liked it.