May 11, 2013

MIXTAPE: Bitchin’ Mixtape Vol.15

Track listing (click for larger view):

Liner Notes:
  • Anguish – holy. Fuck. Awesome all the way around – groove, fat sound, thick vocals.
  • Betraying – heavy death. My edit. Check out those crazy keyboards in there.  
  • Camel H – a cool soundtrack to a badass cowboy movie. Very Tarantino.  
  • Chorus Dis – early 90s sounding hardcore – in a great way
  • Crystal – just, smoothly spun gold by these 1960s broads.
  • Drdg – reminds me of Portishead.
  • Ecrisis – flexing at the first go-round peak.
  • Faith – I’m calling this “mystery song” Killing Floor. Nobody has ever definitely given the proper title. Some say the title is Matador. It’s apparently a song that never saw the light of day from its King For A Day era roots. I just know it’s awesome. This is my rip of their live performance of this song in November 2011. That’s right live – and it’s fucking flawless. THIS is why Patton rules.
  • Foul – death.
  • Hank – this is the man that knows how to mix heavy with a country sensibility. Killer
  • Cube – the definition of gangsta rap.
  • Lockjaw – Buffalo hardcore. Nice.
  • Misf – a top 5 all-time song by this band for me. Yes the stuff from the last 15 years is awesome.
  • Crew – riffy ballad from their first album.  
  • Obit – I love you.
  • Prg – newer ditty by a great band (err, guy)
  • SickOIA – legends.
  • Unbrkn – this is from the end of this band. Great “love” song.

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By the looks of Slayer axeman Jeff Hanneman's attire he is done catching batting practice in the bullpen and is now ready to join the big club behind the plate for the upcoming road trip.


**Editor's note: I've had this post ready for about two years. Was just waiting for Jeff to come back and regain his rightful role touring with the band. Of course Jeff died May 2. But I just HAD to post this. Jeff would want it that way. 

And by the way, my opinion is Slayer needs to call it a day now, especially with what's going on with Lombardo out of the band. Just Kerry and Tom are not Slayer. I have no issue with them fullfilling any touring obligations they're made to date, but beyond summer, just end it and keep your credibility. If Tom, Kerry and Holt want to play together in the future, fine. But call the band something else.