May 11, 2013


By the looks of Slayer axeman Jeff Hanneman's attire he is done catching batting practice in the bullpen and is now ready to join the big club behind the plate for the upcoming road trip.


**Editor's note: I've had this post ready for about two years. Was just waiting for Jeff to come back and regain his rightful role touring with the band. Of course Jeff died May 2. But I just HAD to post this. Jeff would want it that way. 

And by the way, my opinion is Slayer needs to call it a day now, especially with what's going on with Lombardo out of the band. Just Kerry and Tom are not Slayer. I have no issue with them fullfilling any touring obligations they're made to date, but beyond summer, just end it and keep your credibility. If Tom, Kerry and Holt want to play together in the future, fine. But call the band something else.


  1. Not so sure that Araya and King need to continue on as a different band. How about all of those albums by Black Sabbath that were just Tony Iommi and journeymen musicians like Neil Murray, Cozy Powell and Glenn Hughes. Or consider Lynyrd Skynyrd which is just original member Gary Rossington and various other southern rockers who made their marks elsewhere.

  2. Yeah, just cuz other guys ruin their bands legacies with that crap doesn't mean slayer should!