May 11, 2013

MIXTAPE: Bitchin’ Mixtape Vol.15

Track listing (click for larger view):

Liner Notes:
  • Anguish – holy. Fuck. Awesome all the way around – groove, fat sound, thick vocals.
  • Betraying – heavy death. My edit. Check out those crazy keyboards in there.  
  • Camel H – a cool soundtrack to a badass cowboy movie. Very Tarantino.  
  • Chorus Dis – early 90s sounding hardcore – in a great way
  • Crystal – just, smoothly spun gold by these 1960s broads.
  • Drdg – reminds me of Portishead.
  • Ecrisis – flexing at the first go-round peak.
  • Faith – I’m calling this “mystery song” Killing Floor. Nobody has ever definitely given the proper title. Some say the title is Matador. It’s apparently a song that never saw the light of day from its King For A Day era roots. I just know it’s awesome. This is my rip of their live performance of this song in November 2011. That’s right live – and it’s fucking flawless. THIS is why Patton rules.
  • Foul – death.
  • Hank – this is the man that knows how to mix heavy with a country sensibility. Killer
  • Cube – the definition of gangsta rap.
  • Lockjaw – Buffalo hardcore. Nice.
  • Misf – a top 5 all-time song by this band for me. Yes the stuff from the last 15 years is awesome.
  • Crew – riffy ballad from their first album.  
  • Obit – I love you.
  • Prg – newer ditty by a great band (err, guy)
  • SickOIA – legends.
  • Unbrkn – this is from the end of this band. Great “love” song.

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