June 7, 2013

MIXTAPE: 2 year birthday deathbed

Today marks two years of this here blog. Not sure I’m going to keep it going. Maybe the occasional Bitchin’ Mixtape or a single band best of mixtape. Aside from being too god damn busy, I’m just blown away that not one person downloaded pretty much my greatest gift to the world posted two months ago. Okay, point taken.

Anyway, here’s what I had planned for the two year mark – the songs that really pump my ‘nads the most (at least the ones that were not included in last year’s 1 year best of). Thanks to Metal Bastard for several of the songs on today’s mix.


Track listing (click for larger view):

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  1. Uploaded can be a bit weird with the download stats. I know I downloaded it, anyway.

  2. Don't quit. Just do it as time permits. Are you talking about the Primus mix from two months ago? I don't download, I just listen to the tracks elsewhere and then by them if I like them enough.

  3. Thx pbass83. I wasn't talking about the Primus. Was the one mentioned in the link to the remixxx mixtape