July 13, 2013

MIXTAPE: Bitchin’ Mixtape Vol.16

Track listing (click for larger view):

Bitchin' Mixtape 16 - Liner Notes:
  • Anth Good Bush-era (singer and president) stuff.
  • Big Dumb – funny album but HEAVVVVVVY as hell. By Wes Limp guitarist. In fact he plays every instrument on this album.  
  • Corpse – oldie, which is the era where really the only goodies came from. When I saw this band live a couple months ago I was impressed that they for the most part embraced their old catalog – all done with the old singer. 
  • Deici – I can’t say I love much of their stuff but this song is pulverizingly awesome.
  • F-Boy – great rockabilly. Love this whole thing – voice, guitar tone , stand up bass.
  • H3 – this song grew on me. First time heard it I was intrigued. More I listened it’s now one of my favorites. So simple. So slow. So awesome.
  • Cube – heavy beat. This is why this guy was on Lollapalooza 92 with the rockers.
  • Lockjaw – great song representing Buffalo hardcore.
  • Mfits – another great one from the more recent albums by the band.
  • Motor – now I love the original version by this band – but this version is soooooo much better because of the great production and a certain legendary frontman playing bass and growling
  • ND – Cover song as performed by the grindcore legends.
  • Ellis – smooth, mellow and basically just real nice. Enjoy. Have an ice t on the porch.
  • Sick All – new remake of the classic. Great then. Great now.
  • SS – Always great when you use guest vocals by Barney from Napalm. 
  • Uphols – before he was dressed in Stripes that are White – this guy independently put this EP out with this employer as the worked with furniture. Seriously. Look it up. Great song.

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