October 6, 2013

MIXTAPE: Bitchin’ Mixtape Vol.18

Track listing (click for larger view):

  • BBrains – groovy with beautiful singing. Love this band. This band covered this song.
  • Blind Fth – Crushing with Ringworm-esque vocals.  
  • Corpse – golden era oldie.
  • CodeX – riff-o-rama with the bass properly rumbling strong
  • Deathbed – HARDcore.
  • Diazepam – I’ve said it before, sometimes lower production makes a certain heaviness I totally dig. The drums pop more. This is a great example. Great song.
  • Fetus – my edit. Down to the best part. From their newest
  • Fed Wolves – god damn that beginning just rolls and gallops right over you. As does the singer.
  • GG Allin – I’ve done you a big favor here. I generally find all of his stuff artistic and interesting, if not “shocking” – but always more in the look than the quality of the music. This song is the exception in his entire catalog. This is a GREAT song and the only one you need.
  • Intgrty – yep – still awesome. More here.
  • Kn – from their first album – and this was a song I rediscovered again recently. More? You got it.
  • Mlvolent – Listen again. Hard. As always. This is newish.
  • Mfts – ballady awesome.
  • ND – we are at code red. Repeat. Code red.
  • Wrestling guy anthem – again, I find gems. I share. This should be played in every single party mix of yours. It is at my house. 
  • P Runs Dp – the very BEST vocal style for me when it comes to hardcore. The songs is A+++++.
  • 7Sis – they out-Godfleshed Godflesh for crushing heaviness – and made it deathcoremetal. Great band. Love it.
  • T Killer – Barnes singing. Incredibly groovy song.
  • Weigh Anchor – clearly this style hardcore is my thing. Perfecto boys.

Support bands. Buy their music.

If this MIXTAPE becomes unavailable for DL, bitch here and I’ll re-up if you’re bitchin’.

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