December 22, 2013

MIXTAPE: Bitchin’ Mixtape Vol.20

I made most of the Bitchin’ Mixtapes 1-19 quite a while ago. Now we’re into a new era of Kielbasage Bitchin’ Mixtapes. Some newer stuff for y’all. Enjoy. Feedback appreciated.

Track listing (click for larger view):

Liner Notes:
  • Adl – yep. Good.
  • Bd Rel – New. Newly awesome.  
  • Cht Cht – love this style. Garage alternative reverb hip. Fine by me when done like this.
  • DDP – The singer from a Big 6 Thrash band – Testam – doing it right
  • Frya – I love the song they covered. And they did not just a good job but an interesting job. I don’t want my cover songs to sound EXACTLY like the original. Give me your take. They did.
  • Kata – I’ve liked this death metal band from Montreal in the past – but this new album really steps it up. Damn good.
  • Richard – This guy ain’t Little. He’s a giant. Find out why. From his first album. Yeah the one from 56 years ago.
  • ND – I’ll say it again. My favorite band of all time. This latest just reaffirms it.
  • Nwstd – I have a real soft spot for this guy. Was one of my favs in this band. With curiosity I listened to what he had to offer. Blown away. LOVE his new album. Here’s one for you.
  • Nrva – I just relistened to their whole catalog and re-discovered and discovered a shit load of great stuff – including this. Fuck.
  • Rev – Don’t know this band? Wake the fuck up.
  • 7Sis – this band is so god damn heavy. Re-inventing death doom heavy. Mark it down.
  • Toma – I love this band. Starts with the front man. This band gives me what I always wanted out of his other big band – straight on rock that showcases his everything. Such a strong album.  
  • Tort Kil – about as straight forward death metal (in a good way) as you can get this side of the modern version of Obituary. Love it. This here particular (the only such one) had this singer doing the growling.   
  • WmWd – Different. Old. New. Echoey. Only way to describe it. That and it’s great.

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