February 24, 2014

MIXTAPE: Bitchin’ Mixtape Vol.22

Celebrate bitchin’ music. Enjoy.

Track listing (click for larger view):

Liner Notes:

  • Blistered – raw, unrefined sugar.
  • Born Pain – great fucking song – featuring Barney from ND. Great on so many levels.
  • Mistress – I don’t know why I like this song. It sounds like a Stevie Nicks sounding 80’s metal queen (probably wears white lace corsets on stage) with a backing band that probably wears tucked in t-shirts and leather vests (like FNM guitarist Jim Martin) – but this song just hits it right for me.
  • Clth – One of my top 4 albums of 2013. So killer.
  • Lynch with Lkke – Metal Bastard brought this album to my attention. Then this song stole the show for me. Holy shit.
  • Grgts – Old stuff. Good stuff. I don’t like the comeback everyone’s raving about. Trying too hard to show off chops and be “advanced”. Fuck that. Just jam.
  • Homewrecker – killer, echoy vocals and a great riff throughout – then this supurb Slayer jam at the 1:40 mark. Well done boys.
  • Jnp – Hey, I like pop music too.
  • Last Hope – Barney and Mitch from Napalm on this one. Great drum sound.
  • Mortor – if you’re not sure what galloping in metal sounds like – this is textbook.
  • ND – I have the MTV video for this song taped on VHS. Great groove on this song. Back when they were twin guitar attack with Jesse P.
  • Nwstd – I can’t say enuff about how awesome this debut is. Another top 4 album for me in 2013. Glad this cat is back.
  • PE – move your ass. This song don’t give a damn.
  • Rodrigz – If you saw the documentary this was the title track. Great. Love the brass backing band.
  • Slyrthe eeriest opening lick ever. Play this at my funeral.
  • Toma – the third of my top 4 from 2013 (Toxic Holocaust is the other). This band satisfies my itch for straight forward rock outta MP now that FNM is resting peacefully.
  • TKiller – this band gets it. You can be technical – but never lose the groove. This is my edit. Only the best thank you.


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