April 23, 2014

MIXTAPE: Bitchin’ Mixtape Vol.23

Cheers. Cranketh and Enjoy.

Track listing (click for larger view):
Liner Notes:

  • Amigo – produced by Andrew from Strife. Good stuff. Not hardcore. I’d call it hard edged folk.
  • Box Top – happened to catch this on the radio in the car. By chance. Used my Soundhound app to detect what it was. A brilliant song from 1967.
  • D. Angel – They still kick ass. This is from their new one.
  • Eisregan – great cover of this band. Actually it needed my editing help to get rid of some of silly stuff they had going on. What’s left is real nice.
  • Grot – groovy death metal – a la Dying Fetus. Great cymbal crashes. You know you love them.
  • Leah – I don’t even want to look up what they look like. Guarantee I won’t like it. Probably Braveheart meets Stevie Nicks. But I like this song. Very few metal chick singers do it for me. This works well. Tears are welling up. Sorry.
  • Mutoid Man – unrefined awesomeness.
  • Pulled – That voice. Damn dude. I’d start a band around you.
  • Russk – Russian. Ska soaked. Metal overtones. I dig it. You will too.
  • SDogg – the guy can sing. Just listen. Great summer jam. Spark one up and chill to this.
  • Superjoint – Unheralded Phil album during his back problem years. I relistened and there were several really great tracks – including this mahfugga
  • Twisted – yeah, it’s from the video. Spin this at your next party.

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