July 13, 2014

MIXTAPE: Songs Metal Bastard Taught Us

If you don’t know Metal Bastard for metal blogs, well, get with it. Most prolific muffugha out there. And he’s got a great sense for good stuff beyond metal.

No one blog or source on the innernets has promoted my blog more, so this is not just a thank you to him for that, but a HUGE thank you for the following 28 songs. I’m 97.3% sure I got all these tracks from him over the years.

I’ve downloaded or discovered literally hundreds and hundreds of tracks from this cat. I don’t like everything – but give a great deal of it a shot. He’s won my trust. But these here are the very best for me. The life-changing, every party mix favorites for the rest of my life kinda tracks. Coulda picked more but these are the cherries.

Thanks dude. Here’s to ya.

Track listing (click for larger view):


Liner Notes:
  • Black Soul – this band is great, but this SONG IS THE GREATEST – what a groove for this collection of instruments (including banjo).
  • SW – always respected this artist but never found anything grabbing on to until this one. Soft and tender as hell – making his smoothness shine even more.
  • Campfire 1 – From Scandinavia to Metal Bastard to us. So good. There are two standout tracks – this one and one other on this list. God damn.
  • Cuntry B – We all love Tool. And many love this “side” band – but this track is by far the best. Sure it’s funny – but the music is great – in a really solid alt-country way.
  • Djan – wow. Fit for a Clint Eastwood movie from 1960. Love it.
  • Flowers Heart – another 16 H song. Find me someone that wouldn’t like this. Find me one. Find me one. Find me one. Thought so.
  • Skunk – don’t know why I like this so much. It’s not really my style anymore but it just rocks. Bass grooves majorly too.
  • Let’s Lynch the Lykke – women singers – usually not my thing – but this should be played at every funeral. Play it at mine. Lovely. What’s great about music is MB didn’t put this song in one of his mixes. He put Cold Wind (also on this list) – but when I checked out the full Lynch album I found this. Love it.
  • B Poli – punky, rocky, bassy, throaty. Killer.
  • Stone Queen – everyone says this band is so great. I usually don’t find it to be so, but this one – I’m glad I hung in there with our metal bastard to give this gem a listen.
  • Medication – rocking awesome with great, great vocals and melody.
  • Mexico – more of “that” style I’m digging – part cowboy, part badass, part rockabilly, part country – with great vocals. Give me that I’m happy. Give me this song I’m ecstatic.
  • Revolve Melv – never was into this band, but then again was never really exposed to it either. I chose other Seattle bands – but MB showed me many by this band I really like. This is at the top.
  • Dax – Soundgarden-esque – but better.
  • System D – everything you like in this band – heavy, melodic – great singer, riffy groove. Nice.
  • Black H – so hauntingly awesome. What’s weird about this one is it made me check out their whole catalog – which baffled me. Nothing in their catalog comes close to this song IMO – and certainly not anything else on the album this track appears. It’s as if they put their entire career into this one song. Thank you.
  • Tribute Bad Man – this is the ONE. Holy shit. God damn. Fuck. Christ. They outta thaw out John Wayne and make a movie around this track.
  • We’re Dead – catchy as hell. Closer inside my head.
  • Weeping – slow, moody, relatively eerie. Gold.
  • Waits – our boy Metal Bastard has been promoting this guy for a long while. I always gave it a shot but rarely found anything I could sink into. Until this. Holy fuck. Might be a top 30 song all time, any artist for me. Yeah. Really.

Gun to my head – and you want me to give a top 4 rank of these songs, I’ll give you this:

4) We’re Dead
3) Waits
2) Bring You Back
1) Black Choir

Thanks MB. Keep it coming.

Support bands. Buy their music.

If this MIXTAPE becomes unavailable for DL, comment here and I’ll re-up if you’re nice.