June 7, 2015

MIXTAPE: Bitchin’ Mixtape Vol.31

I’m about to go apeshit. Get ready…

Track listing (click for larger view):

Liner Notes:
  • Rage – Clear it out. From the band’s early days.
  • Cliff – this is a pretty damn cool one I made. Taken from some of those bass only studio tracks of Cliff’s work on Ride and Master.
  • Rot – Danziggy-ish. If that’s a word. Sure it is. Spin it.
  • Havok – saw them with Soulfly about a year ago. They won me over. Very true to 1988 thrash. During the show they broke a drum head during like the second song. While they were fixing it the lead guitarist was taking requests from the crowd. Somebody would yell “Priest” and he’d rip off 20-30 of something off Screaming for Vengeance. “Slayer” – you’d get some Reign. Such a cool way to fill that void while the repair was made. Almost the most memorable part of the show. In fact – more bands should do this on purpose. Crowd interaction at its finest.
  • Buddy – Might be my fav by this pioneer.
  • COC – my favorite album by these guys by a mile. Two reasons: the singer Karl and it came out at a pivotal time for me – 11th grade when I was spazz into it. Saw them live on this tour at a tiny Buffalo club.
  • Phobia – get your primal, raw death metal fix here.
  • HellY – I usually like 1-2 off each of their albums. This is the one off this ‘un here.
  • Woven – Thanks to Metal Bastard for introducing me to this band. Love them. This song is about as peppy as they get. Groove it.
  • Of Feather – unadulterated noisey messy awesomeness.
  • Crypt – this is how you make drums song --- Lars!
  • Static – rest in peace dude. Lyric in this song: “take a drink with your pain killer…” Isn’t that how he died? Don’t listen to his message. Just bang your head.
  • Black Ice – this 2011 demo is brutal. I know that adjective is over used, but it fits here.
  • Corrupt – crusty grindy maple leafs from Canada.

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