June 7, 2015

MIXTAPE: Bitchin’ Mixtape Vol.32

Sir, may I have another sir? Yes, yes you may.

Track listing (click for larger view):

Liner Notes:
  • Scatterbrain – MTV video staple of Headbanger’s Ball in 1991-92. The guitarist in this whack band could apparently play each of these “classic” parts live when doing the song.
  • Code O – probably one of the heaviest albums of the past couple years. This song is kinda eerie. Like if this was playing while you were walking through a creepy abandoned house you stumbled onto in the middle of the woods --- you’d shit your pants.
  • Killer B – I wanted to love this album because I adore Max Cavalera. But then I wanted to hate this because I loathe the singer of DEP. But then I heard it and it’s great. Get over yourself Kielbasage.
  • Handsome Jack – this here band is from my neck of the woods. Damn fine work boys. Damn fine.
  • Thrax – I think they play like 5 songs off this album at every concert – but this song is not one of them. Shame. It rules. Song is about John Belushi.
  • Looking For An Answer – look no god damn further. This is the formula for my attention. Rough, yet understandable guttural vocals – heavy – and above all a god damn groove. Is that so fucking hard? Yes it is.
  • Coliseum – I’ve liked some of their past work but this brand new album is so damn strong. This is my favorite song of the bunch.
  • Left Astray – that opening tone with blow right through your bones.
  • RingW – whomever mixed this album dialed it in perfectly. Guitars are there but the bass and drums are set so powerfully – right up front. Then you have a furnace of a human laying down the throat exorcism. Perfect.
  • Mordrd – They weren’t Faith No Mre but they made you think of them. And then you bought the album. At least I did. This was the hook.
  • Tea Party – In Buffalo, a Canadian border city we know this band well. Big time radio play back in the 90s. This song had more of an edge than most. Unique singer; middle eastern overtones. Yep.
  • Sub Rome – I told you. This is the first song on the disc and this one reminds me most of the original Brad version of the band.

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