June 7, 2015

MIXTAPE: Bitchin’ Mixtape Vol.33

Is that all you got bitch? Nope.

Track listing (click for larger view):

Liner Notes:

  • Statler – try to not picture Bruce Willis when you hear this. You can’t do it. If you can you’re too young. Christ go watch some Tarantino and learn why that guy knows how to pick damn good songs.
  • Drivin Cry – you really only need one great song to make it (at least pre-2000). This was theirs and it’s great. Summer song right here baby.
  • Pearl – Ok here’s the deal. I was as into these guys in 92-94 as the next dude. Then I lost interest. I’d always at least spin what they put out to see what they were up to. Nothing stuck. But there were two real gems on the latest disc and this is the very best. Welcome back.
  • Buddy – I wish this guy lived to keep writing and recording. SOOOO damn talented and prolific. Most of his songs are about chicks. Which fits his age. I woulda loved to hear him beyond that subject matter as he matured. But when he did it he did it right. Example right here.
  • Spine – don’t tell me there’s nothing raw and hard and good anymore that’s new. Get out and listen. Or just listen to this.
  • Fuzzy – I edited this down to all you really needed on this track. The 70s jam part. This is straight outta 1972 – done today.
  • Therapy – New. And it brings me right back to 1992.
  • ND – the mighty ND is back and they continue to claim the crown of my favorite band.
  • Whale – god I could write a book about this song. When I was first getting into digital music in the last 90s I was trying to get all the songs I missed or wanted or were rare. I saw this video on MTV’s 120 Minutes and liked it. Later I wanted to get the song digitally but just couldn’t remember who the artist or the song was. Tried googling every lyric I could remember. Nothing. One time I heard it on the radio at like 2am on a Toronto station when I was drunk coming home one Saturday and freaked out. But they didn’t say the artist or song. So armed with the info of the day and time frame they played it I reached out to the station for the name. They couldn’t help me – which blew my mind in the era of programmed computerized everything. Fast forward to 2 years later and I’m at a dive bar in Buffalo to watch a good friend’s boyfriend’s band play. After his set we’re rapping at the bar and I tell this guy in the band about the song I want to know. I hum the nonsensical chorus I sorta remember but don’t really know the lyrics to and describe the video to him. He looks at me, smiles and goes, “Whale”. No shit. I look it up and BINGO. Thank you Ed Lover. Swear to god that was his real name. Totally true story.

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