June 7, 2015

MIXTAPE: Bitchin’ Mixtape Vol.35

Hey, spread the word that Kielbasage is going mutha-fuckin off here with the BitchinMixtapes. Don’t sleep on this mass series because when the downloads get pulled down my ass might just disappear. Blaze of glory happening now…

Track listing (click for larger view):

Liner Notes:
  • Helmet of Pain – this concept should not be limited to 1994. It works. Bring it back.
  • Deke – don’t know Deke? Let me introduce you.
  • Rat – I hear this and it’s 1983. I share a room with my brother as a 9 year old and he’s playing this in his bed with the lights off on his boom box. He thinks it doesn’t bother me but it does. Yet this is part of my story of how I learned to like this shit.  
  • Legion – you hear it a lot – “I love the music but don’t like the singing/singer…” This fits for this band with me. But I cannot deny the opening riff of this album opener of their debut.
  • P-film – Dave’s band (ex Slyr). This song rules. So heavy and unique. What a great heavy jam – and what a scream.
  • Cadillac – From the Crew’s cuntry cover album. This was the sparkler for me. Gave this old song a new spur kick.
  • Vol – might be my alltime fav VB song. What a rhythm. And she is darlin’
  • Thrax – back to ’85 with my fav off this unheralded debut of Joey.

Support bands. Buy their music.

If this MIXTAPE becomes unavailable for DL, comment here and I’ll re-up if you’re nice.

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